How To Learn A New Programming Language? Or Any New Skill At All?

Learn Programming

As human beings we evolve every day, and part of that evolving is learning new skills that will benefit us. On this post I want to focus on learning a new programming language, framework, library or even a concept, and the different ways to learn them?. So, what is actually the best way to learn a new skill?

Traditional Way: Topic-Based Learning

The internet is full of amazing Topic-Based tutorials. You have Youtube, TutorialsPoint, and many other free and paid platforms, But the thing with most of those platforms is that they are Topic-Based. In order to understand that I will give an example: When you start to learn HTML you first learn the structure of a web page, then headers, then paragraphs, etc.

Now, that way is great! I started this way, with most of the programming languages I learned. Actually, even now when I started to get into Vue js, I started the same way as I mentioned before: the really great tutorial of The Net Ninja. but there is another step you really have to take, in order to really learn those topics the right way.


Don’t Just Learn It, Do It

Sounds like a nice tweet for tweeter, right? but in fact, that is the real way of learning things. You can’t really learn a new programming language until you spend hours upon hours of coding in that language.You want to learn html,css and JavaScript? go build 5 websites. You want to learn php? go build a mini blogging system to make sure you actually know how to code in php.

The hard truth that people don’t take into account, is that you can’t know how to code just by watching a Youtube playlist and copy what the person on the videos does, it’s not working. Even if the tutorials are not Topic-Based ones, but Project-Based ones, it’s still not enough in order to get a good grasp of the skill you are trying to acquire. You have to decide on a project of your own, and then go up and just do it, just go and code it!


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But How Do I Do It Without Knowing it?

Yeah. that’s a can’t go and code up a website without knowing how to code first. So, what it the solution? well, the solution goes like this: You go and learn the core basics from Topic-Based tutorials or Project-Based tutorials. then, you take that you have learned, and implement it in an entirely new project of your own. that is the only way I found that is working for me.

So, for an example, if someone will ask me how to start in web design, I will answer to go to a website like w3schools, learn html and css, and then go find some inspiration on the internet like the awwwards website, which shows some great websites inspiration, and then go and code up a website yourself.

So, How did you learn programming?

The things I wrote are based on my experience only, and that is how I feel about this topic. And generally, this is how I feel I should write, based on the things that I’m going through every day. these posts are actually my own roadmap, my own journey.

What do you think? what is the best way to acquire new skills? what is your opinion on that topic? please share it with us so everyone will be able to benefit from that.


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