Welcome to my blog!

ברוכים הבאים לבלוג!

If you read this post, you are probably new here.

So first thing first – Welcome to my website! this is the first post(in English anyway..) which I’m writing here. I have been thinking about opening a blog for a long time now, so now I’m doing my first step.

When I’m trying ti define the topic of this blog, the first thing that jumps into my head is web development and programming in general, but the truth is that I don’t want it to be defined just by that. This blog is my personal notebook, I’m going to share here different things that I’m going through, thoughts about different topics in the programming world in general and specially in the web development world, different topics related to personal empowerment, and let’s not forget of course – useful tutorials

So who am i?

Now let’s talk a little bit about me: My name is Yair Mishnayot, I was born in 1996. I’m a religious jew (so no activity on saturday 🙂 ).

Since I was a little kid I had interest in the computers world. At first it was interest in the gaming world, later on I got into programming. I learned Java in highschool and expanded my knowledge beyond the topics I was tought in the classes. I found myself attracted to this world more and more.

At some point I Started getting into developing web apps, and nowadays I’m  a full stack developer.

So why I decided to open this blog?

First of all, one of the best ways to learn it to teach. If you really want to make sure that you know well a certain topic, then try to teach it to someone else. You will have to know the topic good enough in order to do that. It will make me a better programmer. I have seen that happens before, and I hope it will keep happening.

The second reason is that almost everything I know I got from the internet, whether it’s from different online .courses, YouTube or articles, some of them costed money and some of them did not I think that everyone deserves to get the chance to learn and succeed out there. I will be very happy to find out that I managed to help some people out there change their lives with the knowledge I share with them, as other people helped me change mine.

Before I finish, I just want to tell you good luck, and that I hope that you will find this blog useful. I’m always glad to hear your opinion, and always happy to answer your questions

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